Use Cases

There are so many different ways to use ClassHook. Here are just a few of them.

After you've reviewed them, find some clips.
As a Hook
What better way to capture student attention than with a short, on-topic, and engaging TV or movie clip?
Illustrate a concept or principle
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Help students conceptualize abstract thoughts and ideas.
Exemplify real-world scenarios
Present ethical dilemmas, showcase science experiments, and explore controversial topics through television shows and film.
Exaggerate a particular point
Whether you're teaching about decision-making, English grammar, or ethical issues, television and movies provide practical and unforgettable illustrations of key concepts.
Real-world application critique
Present Hollywood's interpretation of a real-world application, and challenge students to assess the validity and accuracy of it.
Teach social-emotional learning
Conflict, emotion, and motivation are core elements of many of Hollywood's masterpieces. Use clips to illustrate different emotions and how to cope with them responsibly.
Monitor comprehension
Create Pause Prompts to check for student understanding while playing a clip.
Encourage deeper discourse
Challenge students to think critically about the clips they're watching, and practice key skills with Live Discussions.
Teach vocabulary
TV and movies contain quite a lot of vocabulary. Find key words used authentically, in context, and with pronunciation using Vocabulary Finder.

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