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Believe it or not, movies and TV shows contain a wealth of educational content. Scenes from these mediums explore a variety of topics, including Natural Sciences, Math, Economics, Psychology, Music, and so many more. While often entertaining and seemingly irrelevant to learning, these scenes actually contain substantial educational merit.

At ClassHook, we've curated all of these scenes for you

Our team has curated thousands of educational video clips and made them suitable for classroom use so you can share them with your students. Using ClassHook, you can save hours of time each week searching for engaging content. All you need to know is a keyword or topic, and you'll be able to find the perfect clip for your next lesson. The videos on ClassHook are age-appropriate, aligned to educational standards, and accompanied with questions and tools to facilitate discussions.

The clips on ClassHook not only teach students important concepts but also make learning enjoyable and more relevant in today's digital age. Students will recognize lessons and concepts taught in the classroom in the media they watch every day. Using films and TV shows in the classroom reinforces learning in a fun way, which dramatically increases student engagement, understanding, and retention of important concepts. Check out some of the ways you can use ClassHook videos in your lessons here.

Other things you should know

  • All clips found on ClassHook are appropriately vetted by teachers or our team to ensure accuracy, relevance, and suitability for educational uses.
  • Clips that contain profanity will be labeled on the clip page with accompanying timestamps.
  • We're all about effective video use, so most videos on ClassHook are between 1 - 5 minutes in length in order to support your lesson objectives.
  • We have a great team dedicated to responding to your questions, concerns, and feedback. Feel free to drop us a note!
  • Wondering about copyright? See ClassHook and Copyright.

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