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  • Science with Sophie: What Are Scabs?

    Sophie explains how scabs form and how wounds are healed. She uses an analogy involving beavers building a dam to describe how the human body repairs skin.

  • Monster Math Squad: Scooping Scab Squares

    The monsters measure the capacity of different sized scoops to find the scoops that have enough capacity to fill a bag with different treats. Once they find the right sized scoop, they begin filling the bags with treats. Later, a Monster Monitor further explains capacity by showing a monster's attempts at filling a pool with dragon drool using different sized buckets.

  • Beakman's World: Explaining Wounds

    Beakman explains wound healing by using a brick wall to simulate skin. When the skin is broken (hole is wall), then blood starts to come out (red and white balloons). Beakman then uses a short animation to explain red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Then the platelets start to fill up the hole in the wall and then tape is stretched across the opening to simulate fibrin. This entire demo shows how a scab works.