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  • CBS News Sunday Morning: The Dead Sea

    This clip describes the unique characteristics of the Dead Sea that make it a tourist attraction. It also mentions that the Dead Sea is about 8 times saltier than the ocean, which makes it dense and easy to float. The clip states that the Dead Sea faces the issue of drying up because of industry activity in neighboring countries.

  • Breakthrough: The Power of the Sun and Salt

    A company uses 10,000 mirrors to heat salt that will power turbines to produce electric power.

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift: Salty Water

    Sid is thirsty and decides to drink the ocean water. At first he feels satisfied but soon tastes the high salt content.

  • Beakman's World: Salt Challenge

    Beakman challenge where he wraps a paper towel around the end of a paper towel tube and then fills the tube halfway with salt. Then pushes a plunger handle into the salt to try to break the tissue but he can't do it. He explains that this is because the push of the handle expels the air that the salt crystals come together to absorb all of the force and none is left for the tissue.

  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Ocean Currents

    Bill Nye explains that thermohaline currents are created by warm and salty water sinking and rising in the ocean. Water with a higher concentration of salt is more dense and thus sinks into the ocean.