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  • National Geographic: Cave Art

    Has profanity
    From human hands to now-extinct animals, cave art gives us a glimpse into prehistoric life. Who created cave art, and what was its initial purpose? Explore the paintings of Chauvet-Pont d'Arc and Lascaux Grotto, and learn what prehistoric art can tell us about our world thousands of years ago.

  • Little Big League: Painting a House Problem

    Billy is struggling with a math problem that he has for homework, and he doesn't want it to affect his performance on the field. The entire baseball team tries to help him solve it, and they eventually come to the correct solution after several failed attempts. The problem is as follows:If Joe can paint a house in three hours and Sam can paint the same house in five hours, how long does it take for them to do it together?

  • Beakman's World: Making Paint

    Beakman shows how to make paint by mixing crushed up colored chalk (for the pigment) with water and mixing that with glue (as the binder).

  • Liv and Maddie: Brain Olympics

    Joey, Liv, and Artie represent Ridgewood High School in the Brain Olympics. They are tasked with building a machine that will paint a portrait and have two hours to build the machine. Their machine, although unnecessarily complex, surprises the room by painting a portrait of the school mascot, winning them the competition.

  • Frida: You've Never Been My Husband

    Has profanity
    Mexican surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo, and her husband, Diego Rivera, have a tumultuous relationship broken on infidelity.