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Gandalf saves Frodo and the rest of the company sacrificing his wizardry and life to ensure Frodo makes it to the end where he must throw the ring into the fire.
Manuel sets the kitchen on fire, and Basil makes all of his guests leave the building so he can take care of it. Basil panics and struggles to perform basic tasks, such as pulling the fire alarm, leaving it up to his wife, Sybil, to put out the fire.
Puffer has passed out, and Pat tries a variety of tactics to revive him. He uses the wires from the lamp to shock Puffer, and after several attempts, Puffer catches on fire. He finally wakes up Puffer by dumping water on him to put out the fire.
Beakman and crew explain what firefighters have to do to put out a fire. They talk about their safety, the tools they use and how they use try to put the fire out.
When employees are putting in just enough effort to prevent themselves from getting fired, it is a good indication they are in need of a little motivation. Companies need to understand what motivates their employees - examples include monetary rewards and social mobility - then adapt to implement the correct incentives.