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  • X-Men (2000): Prison Escape

    Has profanity
    Senator Kelly was recently turned into a mutant and is attempting to escape his jail cell. As Magneto walks to the senator's cell, metal plates come flying from elsewhere to create a bridge for him. Magneto then uses his powers to open the jail cell and talk to the senator. After the senator escapes, Magneto uses his powers to trap Sabretooth in the cell as punishment.

  • Beakman's World: The Earth is a Magnet

    Beakman builds a DIY compass using a needle and water, shows it in action and then explains the science with a short animation clip. Then there is a song about magnetism. Beakman then explains how the earth acts as a magnet and this is why compasses always point north.

  • Ice Age: Collision Course: We're Just Too Attractive

    Neil deBuck Weasel and the opossums are happy to find space rocks, which consist of iron, carbon, and a hint of nickel. They soon learn that the rocks have unusually strong magnetic fields and attract to each other. Although largely exaggerated, this clip could be used to illustrate magnetism and the elements found on asteroids.

  • The Big Bang Theory: Helium Prank

    Sheldon is invited to explain magnetic monopoles to the listeners of the NPR radio channel, and Barry Kripke takes this opportunity to pull a prank on him. Sheldon explains that ordinary magnets have two poles: a north and south. He mentions that cutting a magnet in half would not create a monopole; rather, it would create two smaller magnets, each with its own pole.