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  • Beakman's World: Basketball and Circuits

    Beakman explains how the prongs of cords are needed to complete the circuit of electrons flowing (electricity). He then does a skit where each member of a basketball team is an electron. They stand in a circle (to be a circuit) with Beakman as the battery. Beakman starts passing the ball (charge) around the circle and when the ball gets to the hoop, it goes in and lights the lightbulb. A player is removed and the circuit is broken so the bulb goes out. Beakman then explains how this relates to plugs, and then he demonstrates how a cord is actually two wires side by side to create the circuit to power an appliance.

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Electrocuted Cat

    The cat is playing with the Christmas lights and pulls the plug out of the wall. Clark notices that the tree is no longer lit up and plugs in the lights again, which ends up shorting the circuits in the house and electrocuting the cat. Russ flips the circuit breaker to restore electricity to their home.

  • Mr. Wizard's World: What Are Logic Switches?

    Mr. Wizard provides an overview of logic switches.

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: House Lights

    Clark is trying to turn on his festive house lights but is unable to do so after several attempts. His mom walks in the garage to turn the light on, and the house suddenly lights up, causing the rest of the neighborhood to dim. When Clark's mother turns the switch off, the outside lights turn off as well. Ellen finally realizes the problem and turns the light switch in the garage back on to keep the house aglow.