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  • Beakman's World: Hammer and Ruler Challenge

    Beakman challenge: use a hammer to break a ruler without holding the ruler. When Lester tries the first time, the ruler flips off the table. Beakman lays two pieces of newspaper on the end of the ruler and now the ruler breaks. Beakman explains this is because of air resistance. Without the paper, the ruler didn't have much to resist but with the paper, it has to push that paper away too and since you hit it so fast with the hammer, it doesn't have time and it breaks.

  • Beakman's World: Eggplant or Paper?

    Beakman (as Galileo) does an experiment where he drops an eggplant and a piece of paper at the same time to see which lands first. The first go around, air resistance causes the paper to float down. He then wads it up and tries again to show they will fall at the same rate to the ground.

  • The Martian: Rescuing Watney

    The Ares III crew successfully rescues Mark Watney from Mars. During the rescue operation, Mark and Melissa spin uncontrollably due to the lack of air resistance and thus friction in this demonstration of Newton's laws of motion.