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  • Maths Mansion: The Triangle's Reflection

    In an interactive game, Bad Man tests two kids on their ability to mark the vertices of a triangle after it has been reflected on one axis. After the kids complete the challenge, Bad Man puts four more kids to the test: he asks them to reflect a diamond shape over the Y axis.

  • Family Matters: The Transformation Chamber

    Steve wants to use Carl's den as a laboratory to work on his revolutionary experiments. When Carl rejects the idea, Steve captures his interest by explaining that they can make money from his invention. Steve then shows off his latest experiment: a Transformation Chamber that can resize objects.

  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Transforming Into Men

    SpongeBob puts himself and Patrick into the category of a child because they have certain habits and tendencies, and he acts as if they can't change. Mindy tries to rally them to change their thinking. At the end, she instills courage in them by tricking them with her "magic" that turns them into men.

  • Cyberchase: Intersecting Lines

    Inez and Digit are trying to determine the location of the Transformatron so that they can remove the Network Interface Card (NIC) from it and save Motherboard. Both Matt and Jackie can see the Transformatron, and their line of vision is depicted as parallel lines. Digit realizes he made a mistake in the diagram, so he moves the rock and redraws the line using the string. They find that the lines intersect and determine that the Transformatron is at the point of intersection.

  • Snow White: Jealous Queen Becomes an Evil Witch

    After learning that the huntsmen were not successful in killing Snow White, the Jealous Queen consumes a poison that transforms her into the Evil Witch. The transformation comes with a malicious plan to get rid of Snow White.