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  • Maths Mansion: Adding Decimals

    Bad Man challenges Sarah and Nico to add numbers with decimals up to the hundredths place. They walk through their process in a manner that is easy to follow and eventually calculate the correct answer. Before they start solving the problem, Bad Man reminds them to estimate so that they can quickly determine if they've gone astray.

  • Maths Mansion: Identifying Decimal Place

    Bad Man challenges Amber and Michael to identify numbers in the tenths and hundredths places from a fixed set. After they successfully complete the challenge, he asks them to place the numbers in order on the number line.

  • Maths Mansion: Feeling Tenths

    Bad Man challenges Amber to place on the number line three numbers between 1 and 2. He refers to the numbers directly to the right of the decimal point as tenths. He then gives Michael a similar challenge to that of Amber except with numbers containing decimals in the hundredths place.

  • Arrival: Part of a Whole

    Ian analyzes the data received by the aliens and shares his discovery with Louise. He visualizes the data and expresses as a decimal the amount of data relative to negative space: 0.0833, which he says is equivalent to 1/12. The two present their findings to the rest of the team and suggest that they are part of a larger whole.