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  • Cyberchase: The Podlock Pattern

    In order to save Poddleville, Jackie and Annie need to figure out the pattern for the podlock before Hacker and his henchmen. They take the back entrance to the vault and attempt to unlock it from there. After some thinking and discussion with Matt and Inez, Jackie figures out the pattern and enters the vault, saving Poddleville from Hacker.

  • Cyberchase: The Power is in the Pattern

    Matt, Jackie, and Inez try to figure out what Hacker is planning. They find Annie, a triangle poddling, who lists out the numbers and shapes of pods that Hacker has stolen thus far. They order the numbers and discover a pattern: Hacker is stealing only odd-numbered pods.

  • Pi: There Are Patterns

    Max restates his assumptions that mathematics is the language of nature, everything can be represented and understood through numbers, and that there are patterns everywhere in nature.

  • Contact: Prime Number Signals

    The team listens in to communications coming from outer space and notices a pattern: each signal represents a prime number. They determine that the signal is coming from the star, Vega. After recording the sequence, the team displays on the computer screen that every prime number between 2 and 101 has been sent to them.

  • Cyberchase: Predicting Cryoxide Can Sales

    The CyberSquad ordered too many Cryoxide cans for the shop, and they try to understand where they went wrong. After they obtain historical sales data, they identify patterns in the data and predict the number of cans that they need to order each day of the week to prevent having a surplus.