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  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Area and Volume

    Bill demonstrates how to measure the area of different rectangles and the volume of a cube. He explains what the area and volume mean: how much room the shape takes up.

  • Square One Television: Geometric Area in Court

    In a court case, the plaintiff claims that the defendant is unfairly compensating him for his lawn work. He asserts that he should be paid the same amount for mowing the triangular lawn and the rectangular lawn because they have the same area. He proves his claim by using a cardboard representation of the two lawns and comparing their areas.

  • Maths Mansion: Measuring Area

    Bad Man challenges Ryland and Celia to measure the area of multiple rectangular objects, such as a playing card and a videotape. Their process of measuring the length and the breadth (or width) is accompanied by supporting visuals. Afterwards, Bad Man suggests an easier way to remember the formula: by using the first letters of each word.

  • Cyberchase: Determining Hacker's Area of Land

    The Cybersquad presents Hacker's and Judge Trudy's plots of land to the court. They illustrate how the two plots of land have the same area despite Hacker's being an irregular shape.

  • Cyberchase: Plotting The Land

    The Cybersquad are helping the authorities find out if Hacker has more land than Judge Trudy. They decide that measuring the area of Judge Trudy's square and comparing it to the area of Hacker's land is the best way to approach it. They use rope, fence posts, and tarps to calculate the area of the land.