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  • Cyberchase: Stump Growth Rate

    The CyberSquad wants to take the stump that is growing the fastest in order to escape Hacker and his henchmen. They determine the growth rate of each stump and decide to take the green one because it is growing at twice the rate of the orange stump.

  • Cyberchase: Lily Pad Bridge

    The CyberSquad's only hope of escaping the island is a lily pad bridge that they find in a catastrophe kit. When they put the lily pad in the water, it replicates itself, creating two. Shortly after, they observe that the lily pads in the water replicate themselves, creating four lily pads. Inez estimates that they will need 128 lily pads to escape the island, and since the lily pads are doubing themselves, it won't take long for them to be able to escape.

  • Cyberchase: Race of the Stairs

    In order to reach the Good Vibration of Shangri-La, Hacker chooses the stairs with bigger steps, and the CyberSquad must choose the stairs with smaller steps. Both sets of stairs grow at a steady rate: the smaller steps double in number each time they grow, while the bigger steps increase in number by one each time. The CyberSquad members were initially worried that they would not be able to catch up to Hacker, but they end up reaching the Good Vibrations before him.

  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Air Keeps Us Warm

    Bill Nye explains why it gets colder as one travels up through the atmosphere. He uses miniature replicas of a city and a mountain to support his explanation. Bill also briefly touches upon the lapse rate.

  • Cyberchase: Who Has the Fastest Broom?

    The CyberSquad attempts to determine who has the fastest broom. The members decide to make each person travel for five seconds on his/her broom and record the distance traveled within that time period to find the answer.