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  • Breaking Bad: Creating a Battery

    Walt and Jesse need power to jumpstart their RV, so they create battery cells in order to generate current. Walt explains to Jesse how their creation, although it looks unconventional, will be a functional battery. He lists some of the components of a battery and how they are making each.

  • Beakman's World: Explaining Batteries

    Beakman explains what batteries are using a schematic. He then acts like Balance Man to explain what a battery is using an animated clip.

  • The Martian: Heating Problems

    When Mark loses power on Mars, he scavenges the Rover 1 to double his battery life. It is freezing cold, and he is faced with a dilemma: use the heater to stay warm and burn through half his battery every day, or slowly die from the cold to save battery life.

  • Beakman's World: Coffee Can Challenge

    Beakman challenge: make a can come to you when you call it. Beakman rolls a can away and it rolls back. Using a coffee can, two plastic tops, rubber band, small sticks, scissors, tape and a weight (like an old battery), Beakman creates a coffee can that, when rolled, causes the rubber band to twist up. The stored energy of the twisted rubber band has to go somewhere, so it unravels it self causing the can to roll back where it started.

  • Beakman's World: Basketball and Circuits

    Beakman explains how the prongs of cords are needed to complete the circuit of electrons flowing (electricity). He then does a skit where each member of a basketball team is an electron. They stand in a circle (to be a circuit) with Beakman as the battery. Beakman starts passing the ball (charge) around the circle and when the ball gets to the hoop, it goes in and lights the lightbulb. A player is removed and the circuit is broken so the bulb goes out. Beakman then explains how this relates to plugs, and then he demonstrates how a cord is actually two wires side by side to create the circuit to power an appliance.