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John Green goes into detail on the Industrial Revolution, how it improves our lives even today, and the reaction to it.
This clip explains how industrialization has led to a significant change in the lives of Americans, from the type of work they performed to how they dressed. It also mentions that textile factories have led to women being able to earn money for the first time.
Members of The League of the Just meet with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. They criticize the two men for being intellectuals who don't share in the experiences of the working class yet have written about them.
Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" was intended to be an indictment against unfair labor practices. However, it made an even bigger impact in food safety reforms.
John discusses the US' industrial revolution and the extremely wealthy individuals who profited off the era. They were either seen as "robber barrons" or "captains of industry" because they controlled much of the US' money and held the largest companies in the world.