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  • Ratatouille: It's Lightning-y

    Remy is on a mission to cook up a masterful dish, so he goes to the rooftop with Emile and starts cooking a mushroom on a lightning rod. When the storm approaches, they get zapped by the lightning and fly off the roof. The lightning cooks the mushroom to perfection.

  • Sweet Home Alabama: Lightning Strike

    Jake and Melanie are walking on the beach during a lightning storm. Lightning strikes the sand near them, and Melanie starts to run the other way. However, Jake pulls her to the location where the lightning struck and claims it's safer because lightning can never strike the same place twice. They kiss, and during their intimate moment, lightning strikes the same spot again, hitting them.

  • Dexter's Laboratory: Lightning Is Not Scary

    During a lightning storm, Dexter cannot sleep because he is scared of the lightning. He explains the natural phenomenon in his head to relieve himself of the fear.

  • Back to the Future: Back to the Future

    Doc helps harness the power of a lightning strike so that Marty can travel back to the future. He struggles to make the connection between the wires of the lightning rod so that the lightning will strike Marty's car. When he finally makes the connection, the wire at the other end unplugs, so he rushes to reconnect it. He manages to reconnect the rod the moment the lightning strikes, sending Marty into the future.

  • Beakman's World: Ben Franklin: Father of Electricity?

    They bring in Ben Franklin and explain his key experiment: he didn't discover electricity through the experiment but proved that lightning is electricity. They also explained what a lightning rod actually does and gave some more examples of things Ben Franklin invented.