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Bill Nye explains that heat is energy and can be used to do work, such as keep up warm, run an engine, or affect other molecules. Using real-world examples, he then describes the three ways that heat can move from one place to another: conduction, convection, and radiation.
Byron kisses his reflection in a frozen car window and gets his lips stuck to it. He pleads to Kenny for help, and Kenny thinks he's attempting to trick him again. Kenny learns that Byron is serious and gets his parents to help.
Flick's classmates triple dog dare him to stick his tongue on a frozen metal pole. When he does, the other students soon realize that his tongue is actually stuck, and they panic and leave him alone because the bell rang and they don't know how to help him. Eventually the teacher gets the Fire Department to help Flick.
Mr. Wizard explains and demonstrates convection currents.
Beakman explains collisions and how all of the energy from the collision needs to go somewhere. The energy is either transferred to the other object, to heat, or to noise. They explain elastic vs. inelastic collisions using a game show skit.