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  • Like Mike: Supersized Triangles

    Has profanity
    Tracy helps Calvin with his geometry homework by drawing large triangles on the side of his house. He uses basketball examples to help Calvin remember the different types of triangles.

  • Sesame Street: Different Looking Triangles

    Grover and Rosita illustrate and explain the properties of a triangle. Rosita brings over two different-looking triangles to serve as visual aids, and Grover does not consider them to be triangles. He creates an equilateral triangle and states why it is a triangle. Rosita mentions that the triangles she brought in fit his definition of a triangle, causing Grover to realize that there are different types of triangles.

  • Cyberchase: Making a Square with Triangles

    The CyberSquad cannot make a big enough square with the rods it has available, so Jackie suggests making a triangle. The group successfully forms a triangle and then attempts to make a square with two triangles unsuccessfully. When Digit creates a right triangle, the group tries again to combine the triangles into a square. This time, it is successful, and Jackie explans how to know they've formed a proper square.

  • Sesame Street: Dancing with Triangles

    The host of Dancing with Triangles, Tom Twinkletoes, invites contestants on stage to perform their best dance with a triangle. The contestants dance with hexagons, squares, and even an elephant, but only one dances with a triangle. Tom explains why the other geometric shapes are not triangles.

  • Triangle: Remembering the Fire: The Fire

    This clip illustrates the working conditions in factories and describes how workers were overworked and underpaid. It also explains the tragedy that is the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the impact it had on America.