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Jordan conducts a science experiment in front of her class. In her experiment, she holds in front of her a ball suspended by a string and releases it. She states that, when the ball swings, it will never reach the same in front of her again.
In an attempt to harm the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote rolls a boulder in his path. His attempt is unsuccessful and quickly backfires in an unrealistic manner. This clip illustrates a violation of the conservation of energy.
Through a cartoon movie, Beakman explains why your stomach feels weird on a roller coaster and why the biggest hill is the first one. He hangs a bowling ball from the ceiling with a cable and then swings the ball to squish a watermelon (energy in and energy out). He then puts himself where the watermelon was and shows that the ball can't swing any farther than the point at which he lets go. Beakman goes on to explain that centripetal force prevents us from falling out of the roller coaster and demonstrates it. He uses a tray containing a glass of milk and a cupcake and quickly spins it around to show that nothing falls off. He then explains why inertia keeps us from falling to the ground and brings all of the concepts together.
The MythBusters create a massive version of Newton's cradle and try to achieve as high level of efficiency as the small, desktop version.
The coyote gives a small push to the steel ball, and it misses the roadrunner because the roadrunner is out of its range of motion. This clip illustrates a violation of the conservation of energy since the coyote's small push somehow creates substantially more kinetic energy than potential energy.