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Beakman explains how diamonds are made from carbon and then describes what elements and compounds are. He combines sulfuric acid and sugar to create a black carbon substance that looks like coal to demo that carbon is in sugar. Then he uses an animated clip to explain how scientists think coal makes diamonds.
Walter teaches his chemistry class about the element, carbon, and its critical role in life. He explains that all life is carbon-based and gives examples of the prevalence of carbon in our lives.
Hank explains the properties of Carbon and its flexible bonding criteria, which allows it to bond with essentially any other element. He also mentions that Carbon is the core atom of living structures and explains why this is the case.
This clip describes how molecules are different from elements and atoms. It also illustrates how molecules are modeled.
Jimmy and Lucy Liu perform science experiments with Kevin Delaney, including making a giant cloud using the power of chemical reactions. Kevin explains each experiment and the science behind it. As they introduce elements such as Hydrogen, Sulfur hexafluoride, and Nitrogen to the experiments, Kevin identifies the properties that make them unique.