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Bart and Milhouse demonstrate what a world without friction might be like.
Beakman explains friction and shows a frisbee animation to explain it more. He then talks about the use of lubricants and how they reduce friction. He explains how friction allows us to walk, brush teeth and hold onto objects. Then he creates a DIY hovercraft with an old record and a balloon.
Bill Nye explains that friction is the force we feel when things rub against each other. He then provides examples of friction to help us understand the role it plays in our everyday lives.
After finding a negatively charged asteroid fragment on the ground, Buck orders the group to not create any additional friction. However, Eddie and Crash don't understand what friction is, so they unintentionally generate more static electricity and create an electric storm.
Beakman tells a story about the theory of how Neanderthals invented the wheel and why. They explain that having wheels reduces friction and makes it easier to move things. Beakman demonstrates this using a wagon.