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With a knack for storytelling, Golden Girl Sophia tells Rose about how she was cheated by food brand inventor Mama Celeste.
Tripper tells a scary story to the campers and uses a prop related to the story to make it seem more real.
Ed tells a creative and rather unusual story about how he, Edd, and Eddy got stuck in the wall of Jonny's bedroom. While the story is told by Ed, it is illustrated to the viewer.
Dee Dee is sick, and Dexter tries to comfort her by reading her a story. Dee Dee fabricates her own tale after she is bored by Dexter's story. Her distinct tale combines elements of several classic fairy tales into one.
Squints tells the other kids about the legend of the beast, a guard dog that was a ruthless killer. In the story, the beast was ordered to be restrained under a house until the end of time and is dreaming of the time it can break loose and chase and kill again.