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In a few sentences, Jimmy Dugan explains a simple but important life lesson: nothing great was ever achieved easily.
Mr. Keating emphasizes theĀ real-world applicability of words, language, and poetry. HeĀ encourages his students to contemplate their life's purpose. The human race is full of passion- poetry, beauty, romance and life: the things people stay alive for. "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"
As Captain Nathan Algren works more closely with his new army, he learns about the values of the Japanese feudal system which include hard work and discipline. "From the moment they wake up, they devote themselves to whatever they pursue."
Jamal and his brother Salim live in abject poverty amidst a slum in India and have to be creative in getting the basic necessities for themselves.
While in army training, Forrest meets Bubba, who has a passion for shrimp. Bubba's passion for shrimp is evident, as he talks about shrimp all the time and knows quite a lot about it.