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  • The Office: The Guys Start a Union

    Darryl and the other warehouse workers decide to start a union in order to get better compensation and benefits. Although he doesn't agree with forming a union, Michael Scott agrees because he is intimidated by Darryl.

  • Norma Rae: Strike Scene

    Has profanity
    Norma Rae is a textile factory worker who became involved in labor union activities after the health of her co-workers was put in jeapordy. She refuses to leave work and rallies her co-workers to go on strike and form a union. After she successfully gets every co-worker to stop working, the factory managers intervene and send her to jail in a police car. This is a great clip to use when teaching about the importance of a Triple Bottom Line (People-Profit-Planet) in business, which goes beyond the profit motive.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Labor Disputes

    Eddy goes on strike against Rolf because he believes he is not a fair employer to Ed. Double D speak with Rolf in an attempt to settle the dispute. After some collective bargaining, he and Rolf come to an agreement in which he and Ed each receive a jawbreaker.

  • Made in Dagenham: The Girls Aren't Taking These Union Terms

    Rita talks to Ford management about women's classification as semi-skilled workers. She shows just how skilled their work is and sets out some labor terms. Rita stands up for her rights and the rights of her fellow female workers.

  • Gods and Generals: Lee Refuses Command

    Colonel Robert E. Lee is offered the opportunity to lead the Union army and the position of Major General. He respectfully declines because his home, Virginia, is considering a secession from the Union, and he feels he has no greater duty than to serve his home.