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Matilda challenges her father when she doesn't believe in his way of doing business.
Sam Rogers explains how he would get the traders to sell all of the company's mortgage assets in a day, bringing up ethical concerns in the process. Among the concerns is that the company will be selling customers a product with no value. John Told's response shows that he cares more about the company than its customers. This is made most evident by John's justification of selling the product to customers in order to keep the company afloat.
Pied Piper is missing its mark on daily active users. Richard contemplates shutting down the company but the next day Pied Piper gains over 7,000 new users. Everyone celebrates but Jared is actually secretly buying users from a click farm.
As constant rejection plagues Tommy, he does not know how to react when he receives a "maybe." Tommy shows exactly what NOT to do when conducting a sales pitch.