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  • Numb3rs: Surface Tension Explanation

    Charlie explains what surface tension is and how it works using a balloon and a puddle of water as examples.

  • Beakman's World: Surface Tension

    Beakman demonstrates how water has a "skin" (aka water tension) by showing a water glider on water and a basket sitting in water. When he sprays the water with soap, the basket can no longer sit on the water. Using a cartoon movie, he explains why water can't get dirt out of cloth because of surface tension but add soap and now the water can go into the fibers and get the dirt.

  • Beakman's World: Making Bubbles

    Beakman explains what adhesion and surface tension are while making DIY bubbles. Then using a rubber band, he shows that the soap film will stick to any edge inside of the rubber band regardless of shape. If you remove the rubber band, then the molecules will stick together in their smallest shape which is a sphere. Then a man demonstrates that there can be square "bubbles" and rainbow shaped "bubbles."