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  • Wishbone: Calculating Sale Price

    Joe is a cashier at a garage sale and does not have a calculator. A customer brings him a $25 hat, which is 10% off. Wanda and Wishbone notice that he is struggling and give him tips to more easily calculate the price that he should charge the customer.

  • Cyberchase: Powering the Motor

    The CyberSquad needs to power their ship's motor to stop Hacker. To get the motor started, they need to draw power from a crystal that has between 65% and 85% orange stripes; otherwise, the motor will not start or will burn out. They count the number of orange stripes on each crystal to determine the fraction of stripes that are orange. Then, they convert each fraction into a percent to determine which crystal they should use to power the motor.

  • Cyberchase: Determining the Best Jumper

    Using the success rates provided by Sheldon, Ashley, and Irv, the CyberSquad determines which one of the three is the best jumper. The group multiplies all of the fractions to have a common denominator, then they compare the jumpers by converting all of the fractions to percents. They find that Sheldon is the best jumper and rely on him to let everyone out of the trap.